Baby Wipes

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Product name: Baby wipes

Main material: Non-woven fabric or customized

Product size:  14cmX18cm or customized

Product specification: 100 PCS or customized

Main ingredients: Customizable formula +EDI pure water+ non-woven cloth

Storage instructions: Store between 15-30℃ avoid freezing and exessive heat above 40℃

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Product name: Baby wipes

Main material: Non-woven fabric or customized

Product size:  14cmX18cm or customized

Product specification: 100 PCS or customized

Main ingredients: Customizable formula +EDI pure water+ non-woven cloth

Storage instructions: Store between 15-30℃ avoid freezing and exessive heat above 40℃



Baby wipes are special wipes for babies. Compared with adult wipes, baby wipes are relatively more demanding, because the baby's skin is very delicate and prone to allergies.Baby wipes are generally made of spunlaced non-woven cloth, which is thick and not easy to penetrate. Baby wipes with moisturizing, small friction, antibacterial and other characteristics, can clean the baby's skin at any time, can be used in the baby after the toilet, the baby before playing with toys. Sometimes, when the child is sick, in order to avoid cross infection, it can also be used as a towel.Baby skin is often easy to dry, especially in autumn and winter, if you use ordinary paper towels or towels, can not play a moisturizing role, general baby wipes contain aloe vera and other moisturizing ingredients, can play a moisturizing role on the baby's skin.In the hot summer, wipe the baby's sweat with baby wipes, which can not only dry the sweat, but also disinfect it, so as to protect the baby from the invasion of bacteria.Baby skin is delicate, wet towel texture is relatively soft, the material used is spunlaced non-woven cloth, can reduce the friction damage to baby skin.Some baby wipes contain antibacterial ingredients, can effectively inhibit the growth of bacteria, for a baby, can reduce the chance of bacterial infection and illness.

Packing Mode

The packaging container can not only be packed in drums, but also in bags.According to different places, you can choose to customize the corresponding packaging capacity and packaging mode.You can always be ready for anything.


It is also very simple to use, tear open the outer plastic film, rotate open the cover, take out a wet towel from the jar, pull out a corner of the paper towel, through the inner hole of the cover, screw on the cover, open the top buckle cover, then take out the use, simple operation.


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