Glass Cleaning Wipes

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Product name: Glass cleaning wipes

Main material: Spunlaced non-woven fabric or customized

Product size:  15.3cmX20.3cm or customized

Product specification: 50 PCS or customized

Main ingredients: Quaternary Ammonium, Anti-fog ect.

Storage instructions: Store between 15-30℃ avoid freezing and exessive heat above 40℃

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Product name: Glass cleaning wipes

Main material: Spunlaced non-woven fabric or customized

Product size:  15.3cmX20.3cm or customized

Product specification: 50 PCS or customized

Main ingredients: Quaternary Ammonium, Anti-fog ect.

Storage instructions: Store between 15-30℃ avoid freezing and exessive heat above 40℃



Car anti-fog wipes, suitable for glass anti-fog, window anti-fog, bath mirror anti-fog, glasses cleaning anti-fog, all kinds of lens lens anti-fog cleaning and maintenance, the main role is anti-fog, defrost, clean, transparent, dustproof, antistatic, etc..In rainy days, foggy days, cold days, the inside of the windshield of the car to produce fog, take this product evenly wipe the fog producing place, can play the role of anti-fog;Efficient removal of dirt and grease on the windshield, so that the windshield bright as new, improve the clarity, has a great help to driving safety;This product is made of surfactant material, which can not only remove stubborn oil stains, dust, dirt and gum insect stains on the glass surface, but also has a powerful effect of removing the glass oil film, and forms a protective film on the glass surface, to prevent the oil film from hurting the glass, affect driving, and keep the glass clear and transparent vision.When used in the car in winter, it also has a long - time anti-fog effect.A little dosage, that is, it has excellent antifogging effect; antifogging time is long. The trouble of repeated demisting is avoided.

Easy to use, the product can be evenly wiped clean to achieve cleaning anti-fog defrost effect.Evenly wipe glass products or lenses for 3~5 minutes and up to 3~18 days.In the experiment of glasses, the effect of 100 degree spray on the lens is good, the car is driving at minus 30 degrees, and the frost is not fogged on the glass.Good decontamination and anti-fog effect, no corrosion, no pollution, does not affect the transmittance and reflection, excellent anti-fog effect, bright effect, high glass transparency, improve the safety of driving coefficient.

Packing Mode

The packaging container can not only be packed in drums, but also in bags.According to different places, you can choose to customize the corresponding packaging capacity and packaging mode.You can always be ready for anything.


It is also very simple to use, tear open the outer plastic film, rotate open the cover, take out a wet towel from the jar, pull out a corner of the paper towel, through the inner hole of the cover, screw on the cover, open the top buckle cover, then take out the use, simple operation.


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