• Tips On How To Disinfect Cleaning Supplies

    Tips On How To Disinfect Cleaning Supplies

    There are many types of disinfecting wipes available on the market. Each type of wine has its own specific use. Natural disinfectant wipes can be effective for disinfecting both surfaces and liquids that can cause serious health problems if left uncleaned and untreated. ...
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  • The Best Kinds of Wetwipes For Bathrooms

    The Best Kinds of Wetwipes For Bathrooms

    People who take a bath or shower every day will know how important and essential wetwipes are. If you don't regularly take them with you when going out of the house, you will soon discover that they are essential for keeping germs and bacteria out of your bathroom. There...
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  • Sanitizer Wipes: Why You Need Them

    Sanitizerwipes are a must-have in every kitchen, especially for those who have kids or pets. With the increase of germs and bacteria found all over the place, the need to sanitize your hands frequently is more than ever. There are plenty of ways to sanitize your hands su...
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  • Zhangzhou Wansike Electronics Co., Ltd.

    Zhangzhou Wansike Electronics Co., Ltd. is a manufacturer which specializes in the production and sale of baby wipes, adult wipes, disposable wipes, household wipes and hand sanitizers. Our factory was established in 2005, With the 15 year development,it owns ov...
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  • Every Parent Needs, Reliable Dry Wipe

    Every veteran parent knows that wet wipes are the key to making newborn diaper changes a breeze. But let’s not forget the unsung hero of on-the-go changes: dry wipes. Honest dry wipes are made specially with newborn’s delicate skin in mind, so you can rest assur...
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  • Don’t believe the label—’flushable wipes’ clog sewers

    The manufacturer of White King "flushable" wipes has been fined A$700,000 because these are not, in fact, flushable. The wipes, advertised as "just like toilet paper", cannot disintegrate in the sewerage system, and cause major blockages. The Federal Court found...
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