Shining Shoes Wipes

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Product name: Shining shoes wipes

Main material: Non-woven fabric or customized

Product size: 14cmX18cm or customized

Product specification: 60 PCS or customized

Main ingredients: RO water, soft spunlace cloth, surfactant, penetrant.

Storage instructions: Store between 15-30℃ avoid freezing and exessive heat above 40℃

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Product name: Shining shoes wipes

Main material: Non-woven fabric or customized

Product size: 14cmX18cm or customized

Product specification: 60 PCS or customized

Main ingredients: RO water, soft spunlace cloth, surfactant, penetrant.

Storage instructions: Store between 15-30℃ avoid freezing and exessive heat above 40℃



Shoe wipes are also reassuring in their ingredients: RO pure water, soft spungcloth, surfactant, penetrant. Surfactant can be active to dissolve all kinds of stains, penetrant is permeated to the skin layer and dermis of shoes.It does not hurt shoes nor hands, and is suitable for 99% of shoes, net shoes, canvas shoes, leather shoes, small white shoes, sports shoes (except fur).......One pack will do it all.In addition to cleaning, it is a good helper to maintain shoes.A very important condition for the maintenance of shoes is not often wet, shoes once soaked in water is easy to deform and smell, and our wet wipes are free of washing, wipe directly can wear, not like most liquid, mist bottle detergent, but also placed for a period of time.The key is after using it to wipe, the shoe surface will form a layer of delicate protective film, avoid oxidation and yellowing.If you go out, you can choose a small bag packing mode, a small bag, put the bag directly in the pocket, thin and invisible.With thief simple, take out a piece, to the dirty place friction, small black shoes to change back to small white shoes.Give you unexpected experience, let your shoes glow.

Packing Mode

The packaging container can not only be packed in drums, but also in bags.According to different places, you can choose to customize the corresponding packaging capacity and packaging mode.You can always be ready for anything.


It is also very simple to use, tear open the outer plastic film, rotate open the cover, take out a wet towel from the jar, pull out a corner of the paper towel, through the inner hole of the cover, screw on the cover, open the top buckle cover, then take out the use, simple operation.

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